Presentations will be 20min + 5min for questions

  • Zhicheng Pan, Xinbo Zhao and Yves Lepage – Sentence Analogies for Text Morphing [paper]
  • Esteban Marquer, Pierre-Alexandre Murena and Miguel Couceiro – Transferring Learned Models of Morphological Analogy [paper] [slides]
  • Yifei Zhou, Rashel Fam and Yves Lepage – Extraction of Analogies Between Sentences on the Level of Syntax Using Parse Trees [paper]
  • Fadi Badra and Marie-Jeanne Lesot – CoAT-APC: When Analogical Proportion-based Classification Meets Case-based Prediction [paper]
  • Pierre Monnin and Miguel Couceiro – Interactions Between Knowledge Graph-Related Tasks and Analogical Reasoning: A Discussion [paper] [slides]
  • Safa Alsaidi, Miguel Couceiro, Esteban Marquer, Sophie Quennelle, Anita Burgun, Nicolas Garcelon and Adrien Coulet – An analogy based framework for patient-stay identification in healthcare [paper]
  • Thilini Wijesiriwardene, Ruwan Wickramarachchi, Valerie L. Shalin and Amit P. Sheth – Towards efficient scoring of student-generated long-form analogies in STEM [paper]

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